One of the most arduous tasks when it comes to Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Enterprise Report Management (ERM) systems is migrations.  They’re so painful, and so time-consuming, that Tenacious Consulting developed it’s own tool for pulling data out of Content Manager OnDemand — RAPTOR Extractor.

Why extract?  Why not just “pick & place”?

During mergers & acquisitions, often times it’s only a specific line of business that’s being purchased — so moving ALL the data from a server isn’t necessary or desirable.  During divestiture of a portion of a company’s business, the seller doesn’t want to disclose the rest of the data on a CMOD server.

Also, data extraction with RAPTOR Extractor is like a time machine — it allows you to correct some of the most painful errors you can make in IBM CMOD – bad indexes, incorrect expiration types, broken table segmentation.  When you extract this data, you have an opportunity to reload with the benefit of YEARS worth of hindsight.

With with the extract-and-reload method, the receiving system can take advantage of new compression methods, and faster CPUs to squish data down even further, reducing the cost of storage on the destination system.

What makes RAPTOR Extractor special?

It’s easy, flexible, and fast.  VERY fast.

After configuration, Extractor can literally download the entire contents of a Content Manager OnDemand server with ONE command.  Need to stop your data migration for backups, maintenance, loading, or a period of high end-user activity?  No problem.  RAPTOR Extractor can be paused or resumed, and it picks up from where it left off.

RAPTOR Extractor is flexible — just as easily as it can download an entire server, it can download selected Application Groups only.  It even performs data recovery on the fly, fetching the absolute maximum amount of data possible from servers where data loss has occurred previously.

And not only does Extractor pull data more quickly than IBM’s own utilities, you can multiply it’s speed by running multiple processes — and it won’t interfere with other ongoing extractions.  As if that wasn’t fast enough, RAPTOR Extractor also bundles data as it’s being extracted — reducing load times and improving compression in it’s new home.

If you’ve got a data extraction job from IBM CMOD, you should talk to Tenacious Consulting after you’ve spoken with everyone else:  +1-866-533-7742.