One of the core parts of our business is helping IBM CMOD customers keep current by upgrading their systems on a regular basis, with a minimum of downtime.  Tenacious Consulting has upgraded hundreds of Content Manager OnDemand servers over the past 20 years, and we’d like to help you with your next minor or major upgrade.

With all of the new features and options in the latest version of OnDemand V10.1, an upgrade isn’t just an upgrade anymore.  New features and functionality provide opportunities to improve reliabilty, performance, resilience, storage flexibility, security, and recoverability.


In IBM CMOD v10.1, servers can be configured with Apache Zookeeper, adding the ability to sync data between two or more active CMOD servers.


Content Manager OnDemand’s fully 64-bit and threaded architecture takes advantage of your Operating System’s potential to serve more users, faster.


Errors happen.  Servers Crash.  Disks fail.  Even experienced system administrators with the best of intentions can take a server offline.  Using the building blocks and features in OnDemand, it’s easier than every before to architect a system that will survive and thrive when failures happen.

Storage Flexibility

Starting in CMOD v9.5 Fixpack 3, the ability to use cloud-based disks for archival storage was expanded to include Amazon S3, IBM Cloud Object Storage (formerly CleverSafe), Apache Hadoop HFS, and more.  Not only can Tenacious Consulting help you implement these features, we can help you migrate your existing data to them — allowing your organization to start saving money almost immediately.


With encryption for data-at-rest, and new “hash” fields, IBM CMOD is now one of the safest places you can store your Enterprise Reports and other Enterprise Content.  By setting Encryption keys at the server level, all incoming data is encrypted before it’s written to disk.  Hash fields can be used to uniquely identify a document for the purpose of reconciliation, or to detect the clandestine alteration or corruption of your data.


With it’s decades of experience with OnDemand, Tenacious Consulting can help you meet your tough Service Level Agreements for the restoration of operations after an outage.  We can recommend Best Practises for IBM CMOD that will help you recover or rebuild your system as quickly as possible.